Conservation Concept.

Connecting People, Nature & Tourism.

Local communities.

Their livelihood and their harmonious co-existence with and benefit from wildlife is crucial for conservation.


A place to explore and renew the spirit and soul. Where balance is struck with no effort or agenda.


The linkage between economics & conservation and the chance to share the beauty with our global community.

Exquisite safari & conservation experiences.

Conservation Concept is an unique marketing firm which is part tourism and part conservation. We represent a refined collection of boutique, authentic African safari properties that believe fundamentally in the tripartite relationship among conservation, communities and local economies; our properties offer high value, low volume safari experiences with the utmost quality and expertise. We partner qualified members of the North American travel trade with our clients and achieve the mutual goals of financial success, extraordinary experiences and conservation & community well-being.

Conservation Stories.

Greg Rasmussen of Painted Dog Conservation in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe is a hero. He set out in 1992, to reverse the downward spiral of Painted Dogs from an all-time low of 400-450 individuals in 1987 to nearly double today. This was no small feat, as dogs roam huge territories encountering numerous threats from poaching, development & disease. Greg has overcome incredible odds, including a plane crash that nearly left him for dead deep in the Africa bush for days. His work, and his commitment to involving local communities in conservation, has seen much success. But it is not for the faint-hearted, and certainly not in Zimbabwe. He's done legendary work, and warrant support. He also take volunteers.

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Safari Highlights.

Narasha, one of the Maasai Mara's much adored cheetah mums, has had a tough go lately. Read on for the latest, but be sure to have a tissue.

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